Do possums climb trees or live in trees?

Just like bats, possums are active at night, they are nocturnal mammals. Possums work hard throughout the night until dawn looking for food and water. They only get out during the day when there is food scarcity, especially during winter. These creatures live in the woods around water bodies. Possums are too lazy to build their houses, therefore, they reside in other animal’s abandoned shelters, skunks, and foxes, old buildings, sheds, in rock cavities, hollow trees, fallen logs and brush piles. They only take with them the necessary nesting items when they find one.

Possums spend most of their times on the ground not on the trees because they are terrestrial in nature. The only time they climb up trees is when they are in danger and they are running away from predators or when they are looking for what to eat. As we saw earlier, these creatures are not birds, they are mammals and therefore, they reside in the dens, not on the branches of trees. Therefore, they only climb trees if there is the need to.

They love persimmons and other fruits, so that’s the reason they can go up the trees to get them. Feral dogs and coyotes are their worst enemies and they will definitely climb up to escape danger. It is not an easy task getting hold of them on treetops than on the ground. These animals are very ugly and quiet. Their means of survival is a clear indication of their creativity and being innovative. Sometimes when they do not climb up the trees, they just act dead when approached by predators. They lie still on the ground as if dead, not to forget, they even release an odor and taste sour. With that, the predator will simply go away hungry and fooled at the same time.

Their biggest challenge is that they are nocturnal animals. These make good hunters but only at night. They have a poor vision and easily be attacked by predators during the day, which is why they hide away until dusk. It is very hard for predators to locate them during the day due to their creative survival techniques. Their ability to climb up trees is not only for food and protection but also a way of knowing what is going on around them since they are above it all.

Since these animals are nocturnal, they are very flexible to environmental changes. They can be a nuisance, and therefore, it is important that you get rid of them when they reside on your property. Never give them that opportunity to stay in there, and therefore, you need to get rid of their food sources. Seal up all the routes or the entry points, and this is more effective when done at night. The best way to catch them is by use of traps. Opossum repellants are also available and very effective.

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